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Coconut Milk

Coconut is a strategic commodity that has a social, cultural and economic role in the lives of Indonesian people. The benefits of the coconut plant lie not only in the meat of the fruit which can be processed into coconut milk, copra and coconut oil, and the shell is processed into briquettes, but all parts of the coconut plant.

Coconut milk is a magical liquid extracted from tropical coconuts. It is a delicious and versatile creamy liquid, adding a magical touch to dishes and drinks around the world.

Coconut Copra

Coconut copra is a hidden treasure from the tropics that presents its magic in the form of the dried hard shell of the coconut fruit. In simple language, copra is the kernel of a coconut that has been processed into highly valuable dry seeds.

Made with determination and patience, the process of making coconut copra is a combination of art and science. Coconut farmers select selected fruits, carefully peel the skin, and dry them in the hot sun to produce dry golden pieces rich in fat.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a liquid miracle from tropical nature that combines beauty, health and taste in one bottle. It is a natural oil extracted from fresh coconut flesh, bringing tropical fragrance and pleasure in every drop.

Coconut oil has many uses; it is a healthy cooking oil that can create delicious dishes with a distinctive coconut flavor. As a skin and hair care product, it provides natural moisture and nutrition, making it a must-have ingredient in a beauty routine. Not only that, coconut oil also has antimicrobial properties which can help improve overall health.

Fresh Coconut

Fresh coconut is tropical freshness at its best. This is a coconut that has not undergone processing, so you can feel its natural softness and freshness. When you open the skin, a sweet and fresh aroma immediately greets your sense of smell.

With every bite, you will feel the deliciousness of the juicy coconut meat and the refreshing taste of coconut water. It’s not just a fruit, but also a perfect natural source of hydration, perfect for quenching your thirst under the tropical sun.

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